Joslyn Law Firm: Criminal Defense Lawyer
 Joslyn Law Firm: Criminal Defense Lawyer
Striving to be the Best Criminal Defense Attorney in Columbus, Ohio - With unparalleled professionalism, experience, and legal acumen, the Joslyn Law Firm ranks as one of Ohio’s most seasoned criminal defense and DUI defense firms.
The firm’s managing lawyer, Brian Joslyn, has an extensive list of credentials. He has been identified by the National Academy of Criminal Defense Attorneys as one of the ten best criminal defense lawyers in Ohio. Columbus CEO Magazine selected him as a top criminal attorney in the region, and he also has been touted as a Top 3 criminal defense lawyer in Columbus, Ohio.  In addition, the National Trial Lawyers Association chose him as a Top 100 Trial Attorney in the entire country.
Solely focusing on criminal defense in Central Ohio (including Franklin, Pickaway, Madison, Delaware, Licking, Union and Fairfield Counties), with a long track record of success, Brian and his team of legal experts strive to raise the bar on criminal legal representation by on an individual basis tailoring every defense to their clients’ needs and the facts of each case. Regardless of a given client’s background, profession, or status, the Joslyn Law Firm provides only the highest standard of legal representation.
All criminal charges must be approached with the utmost caution, and a conviction for any criminal offense, even a drug crime, sex crime, gun/weapons charge, or domestic violence charge, can have life-long repercussions (e.g., on school enrollment, an individual’s ability to obtain a professional license, employment, finances, family issues, and personal freedom). Consequently, to presume unilateral responsibility for your defense can be a huge mistake, with potentially devastating consequences.
Designing an proper defense requires the incisive legal knowledge and expertise of lawyers who know the judges and prosecutors associated with criminal cases and can formulate cogent arguments that result in reduced sentences or the dismissal of charges entirely. The firm’s attorneys have handled thousands of criminal cases in federal, state, city, and mayors courts and work daily toward and achieve such outcomes.
In keeping with our standards, every legal expert at the Joslyn Law Firm (including support staff) has a commitment not only for their craft, but for humanity. They take care to listen, inform, and advise their clients as though they were family.
Therefore, if you feel that you are the subject of a criminal investigation including federal charges, have been accused of or charged with a crime, do not hesitate to call. Brian and his team are poised and ready, 24/7, to provide assistance. Do not allow shame or indecisiveness to hold you back. Join the numerous individuals from every walk of life—from students to blue- and white-collar professionals, sports stars, celebrities, police officers, FBI agents, and even other criminal defense attorneys—in the pursuit of justice and human dignity. Supported by strategic knowledge and insight, defenselessness turns into empowerment.
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Joslyn Law Firm: Criminal Defense Lawyer
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